Portville Study
Web-Based Instruction
i-Ready is used in Grades 2
through 12 in Portville
Central School to strengthen
subject content applicable in
that respective grade.  Your
child can logon with his or
her ID and password.
Math is Fun is an excellent
tool to better understand
math functions through
examples and interactive
Studyzone enables students
to practice previous New
York State tests for Grade 1
through 12 with both prior
test documents as well as
interactive multiple choice
questions by subject.
Study Island is a fun way for
children in Grades 1 through
12 to learn English Language
Arts (ELA) and Math as well
as other subjects that are
offered in Grades 3 and up.
Code.Org uses a variety of
fun coding coursework to
teach K-12 students how to
program in Scratch, Python,
and Java as well as a variety
of other development tools.
Khan Academy is a video and
interactive media education
site that provides free
comprehensive instruction
to K-12.
"He who learns but does not think, is
lost! But he who thinks but does not
learn is in great danger.
Confucius (551BC-459BC)
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