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PORTVILLE-STUDY.ORG was created primarily to provide educational
assistance and better understanding of Common Core Math, English
Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science to elementary school students
and their parents/guardians.

It also has specific content for middle and high school classes related to
"Government", "Economics", "Introduction to Film", "Robotic Software
Engineering", and coding.  Over time, more subjects will be added.

Material and computer-based learning tools provided on this site have
been licensed and provided by Portville Central School District under
authorization from Tom Simon, Superintendent, Lynn Corder, Elementary
School Principal, and Larry Welty, Middle/High School Principal.

The domain name and its delivery system are provided by the Portville
Central School District.

Every effort has been made to ensure alignment with the New York State
Common Core and the guidance of Portville Central School District and its
marvelous educators.

If, at any time, you have suggestions or critique, we would appreciate your
response via the "
Contact Us" option to the left in the "Shared Menu".

Best wishes and successful learning,

Portville Central School District
"A moment's insight is
sometimes worth a life's experience"
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (1841-1935)
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