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Computer Science
"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the
poetry of logical ideas."
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
Robotics Software Engineering (RSE)
Course Description: Develop programs using a high level language called Chorégraphe to cause one or
more of the four NAO robots to perform visual recognition, audio recognition and speaking (up to 38
different languages), and head and ambulatory movement.  These robots can hear and speak in multiple
Course Duration: One Semester
Grade Eligibility: 9th through 12th
Prerequisites: Reasonable English and Math competency
Software: Chorégraphe software is pre-loaded on all school laptops.  Even if you do not take the course,
you can program using the Chorégraphe simulator (excluding sound-based programs).
Computer Science, a component of which is called "coding", encompasses a family of core skills ranging
from application development to database development to network engineering.  These skills can be
simplistic or quite sophisticated depending on the operating system, the number and type of client devices,
the number of servers, the breadth and complexity of the network, the role played by cybersecurity, the
degree to which human interface, language, media types, and application programming interfaces each play
a role.

As much as possible, Portville Central School endeavors to emerge and offer computer science curriculum
that: 1) is operating system independent; 2) in high demand in business and government throughout the
United States and the rest of the world; and 3) is immediately fun and useful to learn.

At Portville Central School, in the 2017-2018 school year, three application development, also called
"coding", classes are offered:  1) Robotics Software Engineering; 2) Python; and, 3) Java.
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NAO Robot Videos
Downloadable Chorégraphe Programs
(Modification may be required in some cases)
Course Description: Develop application programs using the Python programming language.  Python is a
multi-operating system language that will teach you the fundamentals of programming.  Python is used
extensively in network management, general purpose computation, and some robotic applications such as
the NAO robot.
Course Duration: One Semester
Grade Eligibility: 9th through 12th
Prerequisites: Reasonable English and Math competency, desirable but not required to have taken RSE
Software: Python software is pre-loaded on all school laptops.  Click on the Python logo and download the
programming documentation if you want to learn but are not enrolled in the class.  Click on Codecademy to
start learning to program in Python.  Click on "Fundamentals of Python" if you are not enrolled in the class
and want to order your own book.
Course Description: Java is an Object Oriented Development language which, when compiled, will run on
any operating system independent of a browser.  You will be learning the fundamentals of programming and
the specific basics of Java.  Learning Java is a powerful skill that is in extremely high demand throughout
the world.  
Click here for the 2018-2019 course syllabus.
Course Duration: All School Year (Two Full Semesters)
College Credit: 4 Credits from St. Bonaventure University
Grade Eligibility: 10th through 12th
Prerequisites: None.  However, to be successful (B or better grade), you must be strong in math and ELA.
Special Note: This class is held in the Distance Learning Classroom with the instructor in Scio CSD during
Period 3 daily.
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